Why do we create a citylogistics network on operational initiatives?

A lot of pilots on optimizing citylogistics have been run in Europe, most of them disappeared after the subsidy phase. By creating this operational network, we want to show what’s going on in European cities.

Researchers, policy makers and entrepreneurs have been talking and thinking about optimizing small volume freight flows in cities. Most of the worries are connected to the 20% of the small volume flows that create 80% of the freight traffic in cities. As a result of this inefficient logistics: congestion, traffic unsafety, noise and air pollution.

In the LaMiLo project we’ve incorporated all these years of lessons learned and made the next step towards sustainable Citylogistic solutions. From the beginning on, we combined social and financial profit. The environmental impact might not be that big in the beginning, but at least the solution is sustaining and grows towards creating huge impact on reducing emissions, noise and congestion and increasing traffic safety.

The LaMiLo project ended August 2015, just before that, the LaMiLo partners gave birth to a new network. An Europe-wide network of operational, sustainable initiatives. If we combine all our knowledge and experience in operational citylogistics now, we’ll have the benefits tomorrow.

Do you want to join the action? Join the network. In a couple of years you can say: I was there when this began!